As growth & develpment unfold a plethora of problems and conditions may arise, most of which resolve, or have a natural cycle. Sometimes however this process of resolution & restoration can become impaired for a variety of reasons, or the body needs more support than is available in its reserves.
At this point other treatment modalities such as diet, exercise, Osteopathy etc. can be of use.

Osteopathic manual treatment aims to restore correct mechanics and allow the different body systems - the nervous, immune, musculoskeletal and circulatory systems to work at their optimum.

The Osteopath will start by taking a full health history for your child. If there are issues you would like to discuss in private you can always arrange to speak to the Osteopath over the phone before the initial consultation.

This is followed by a non invasive examination and treatment.

For small children gentle techniques are applied to the head and body to rebalance and normalise. In older children and teenagers additional approaches of soft tissue massage, stretching etc. may also be used to mobilise body structures.

Small children in particular need time to get used to a new person so treating at home is ideal as they can play with favourite toys, watch videos, even eat during a treatment. Most children just enjoy the attention!